When Awkward Leos Attack!

I’ll never forget my first ballet class away from home, standing at a barre in the middle of a huge ballroom with strips of marley duct-taped over red and blue carpeting. I’ll also never forget the sheer relief of realizing that the master class teacher’s annoyed comments after the first exercise were not directed to me, but to the dancer next to me who had been yanking her leo up in the front and down in the back incessantly. “Tell your mother to buy you a leotard that fits before you come to another class,” he said with complete seriousness. “If you have to pull it up and pull it down all the time, it doesn’t fit you!”

It had never occurred to me that adjusting a leotard was noticeable, let alone that it could turn into enough of a distraction for a teacher to ban it! We’ve all had That Leotard though … The one that you know will look totally gorgeous, if you can just have another sec to situate it just right …

Just like in street clothes, different cuts are made for different shapes. If you have a leo in your closet that bugs you no end, ask yourself why you are bothering with it? Endless tugging and yanking and wedgie picking – that’s right, I said it! – isn’t only a distraction to your own concentration, it’s annoying to your teachers and can make you seem unprepared and unprofessional. Um, not worth it!

Rest assured, the issue has nothing to do with you or your body. It has everything to do with one simple fact. Are you ready for this revelation?

People come in different shapes!

Shocking, I know. My longer torso was the cause of all my leotard tugging. Certain brands and cuts will never sit right on me – but others look simply fabulous!

Teacher annoyance aside, if you aren’t comfortable in your dance gear, you can’t put your all into your training. Don’t waste your time fussing with an awkward leo. Next time you’re shopping for dance clothes, try on as many different cuts, brands and fabrics as possible until you find what combinations look and feel great – so you can stop thinking about your gear and just focus on your dancing.