Dancewear en l’air: Stripey Bamboo Legwarmers

New York City Ballet dancer and self-made entrepreneur Cameron Dieck has established his own line of legwarmers, Échauffe. These line-lengthening limberers are made from high-end bamboo yarns and are designed to keep your gammies warm without hiding the muscle definition you’ve worked so hard for.

Available in multiple colors, my favorite is the striped “truffle/conch” version. For their debut, Pointe Magazine is giving away a few pairs to lucky entrants here!

Dear CBT: Help Me With My Turns!

Dear CBT,

I need help turning. My pirouettes are a fail. I can never get the right amount of force and my leg to passé fast enough or my arms in tight enough. Don’t get me started about pirouettes (or any turn for that matter) on pionte. I’m at my wits end! Help!!!

Don’t fret! Quarter and half turns from fifth and fourth are a great exercise for this. Focus on opening your eyes all the way and truly focusing the eyes on an spot or item when you are quickly spotting. See this fabulous instructional video from guru Finis Jung for visual help on that: Then work on coordinating the leg and arms to meet the speed and precision of that spotting style. Also, check out my post on pirouettes from winter before last, as true today as it was then.

Remember that quality in a quarter or half turn will become quality in a single and so forth. You have to start small and work your way up, so be patient. Getting ahead of yourself in revolution numbers will not pay off if the turn is not good quality from start through finish. Now go have fun improving your turns!