Support BalletScoop’s Image Dancer & Anastasis Ballet Company!

Anastasis BalletKickstarters are the ideal way to show your support (or not!) for the arts today.  The US is not known for it’s excellent government arts programs. Despite what some folks think, we don’t compare to Europe’s contributions, leaving the burden to you and I if we truly want to see great companies producing great programs! Today, I backed Anastasis Ballet Company, a polished group of classically trained dancers (including the official BalletScoop image dancer Lindsey Salvadalena!) performing classical and contemporary ballet on the westcoast, for their project PRISM, bringing exciting and entertaining new choreography to their arts community.

If you are a dancer or dance enthusiast, SUPPORT THE ARTS TODAY! I don’t care if it’s Anastasis or NYCB  – well, maybe I care a little 😉 –  just please don’t forget that without financial support, good quality art in the US will go extinct. That means fewer or even no jobs for all the dancers reading this blog today. Since the 2008 recession, I have been witness to too many incredibly talented dancers never showing their talent to the world because there simply were no jobs. We can’t let that happen! I’m starting to see that turn around, so let’s keep it going: Back projects, go to performances, and put your money and time where your mouth is so we can continue to enjoy our amazing artists of today. See you at the theatre!

Lindsey Fitzmorris, 2010