2014 Summer Intensives List Coming Soon!

Carolina Ballet's annual Thanksgiving offering: MessiahSince last month I’ve been working on the annual SI list for you beautiful dancers out there! You’ve sent quite a few inquiries about when I will be publishing that, so I this is just a quick note to let you know that I plan to post it at the end of this Thanksgiving week.

There’s extra delay this year due to a number of intensives who have not published their 2014 information yet. For that reason, a number of schools will have TBA listed for dates with a link to their general site or 2013 info. I am limiting this as much as possible by making individual calls to these schools to supplement my data with unpublished, verbally confirmed updates when possible, but my many phone calls have also added to the delay.

Thanks for your patience and your excitement for this year’s list. There are many lovely opportunities this year and a number of schools have widened their age acceptances. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holidays and see you on the other side!