College Bound Ballerina

You’re in high school, you love dancing, but you want to have a solid back-up plan in case you can’t make it your career. The CBT commends you on your smart thinking, especially in this economy!

If you want to dance in college, where do you start? If only there was one place where you could check out dance programs side by side to compare what they have to offer … especially when it comes to scholarships. Well, there is! Click over to for an easy to use and comprehensive searchable database of college dance programs.

Have your cake and eat it, too – dancing in college can help make both you and your parents very happy: You can double major to get that business degree your parents want you to have and dance yourself to a BFA (that’s a Bachelor of Fine Arts, kiddos) so you don’t have to give up your passion. And in the words of Mr. Balanchine: “If you work really hard and say your prayers” – you might just land a scholarship to boot. Won’t that please the parents?