Dancewear en l’air: The Wrap Skirt

What items look good for ballet class, but aren’t going to annoy, me, your teacher? You can count on the CBT to let you know here, in Dancewear en’lair.

I thought I’d start off with one of my all-time favorite dance skirts, the ubiquitious Mirella S12.

In a wide variety of colors – though no florals or prints, boo! – this little number is a must for the dance student. I restrict my female students to the classic black leo and pink tights, but for pointe, variations/repertoire and partnering I allow skirts, this being my favorite due to its quality fit which doesn’t hide alignment.

Unlike any of the many, many skirts I’ve purchased over the years, the Mirella S12 never fails to flow into a perfect soft line along the body. It’s cut to flatter many different body types, and Mirella even makes an S12A style available for larger frames. It’s not everyday that a dancewear company recognizes that we dancers are not all delicately framed with long legs and short torsos! Kudos, Mirella.

If you are looking for a skirt you won’t regret buying and that will serve you well over the years, this is the one. Just be sure to check your school’s dress code first!