We All Start Somewhere

Hello dancers! The Fall/Winter semester is already about half over. Now is a great time to check in on yourself and your training. What’s working for you? Are you making progress in the areas that you need to?

When this season started, I challenged you to be strategic about your new training year. That entailed setting specific goals and putting together a plan of attack for each. Mid-semester is the perfect time to review your progress and re-assess your plan.

What were your goals when the semester began? Have you been able to focus on them while you train, or did you forget about them and just “get through” your classes? Have you been consistent with any special exercises or stretches you needed to do outside of class? Be honest. And remember, New Year’s isn’t the only time to make resolutions! If you’ve been slackin’, resolve now to get refocus your efforts and rededicate yourself to your goals for this year.

Don’t forget that your teachers are there to help you, too. If you aren’t sure how you’re doing, talk to your teacher about your progress. Above all, stay focused and keep your eye on the ball. Watch dance movies that inspire or motivate you to enjoy your training. If you’re lucky enough to have good performances taking place in your city, try to make it to a live professional show. While you’re watching the pros, remember that they were once students too, trying to apply corrections and become the real artists that they now are. Just like you one day could be.