Dancewear en l’air: The Tulle-Strap Dance Dress

Anyone who’s taken pas de deux class while wearing a wrap skirt knows what an annoyance those ties can be in the middle of supported pirouettes or allegro work. Skirts can be fun to wear and can accent your movement nicely, but in partnering class they can be a distraction or irritation to you and your partner. Time for a one-piece dance dress, like Degas’s delicately refined 2519.

The CBT loves how Degas accents some of its pieces with light touches of tulle on the straps and bodices of its leotards and dresses (or tunics as they refer to them), especially on 2519. This tone-on-tone dress features a classic pinch-front, square-neck cut. Tulle for the straps and the attached short – but not too short – skirt makes for a lovely balance of fabric weights while giving it a real “ballerina” look.