Dancewear en l’air: The Plush Tank Leo

For me, nothing ruins a good classical line like a busy leotard. With the rising popularity of the Natalie brand’s fussy, strappy confections, it seems like every time a student detournés, I am accosted by a web of criss-cross straps and camisole lines.

For my taste, nothing flatters a young dancer like the clean lines of a classic tank leo. Enter the Body Wrappers / Angelo Luzio P300 plush tank leotard. A modern take on the classic standby, its gorgeuos, soft fabric features an elegant bust detailing on an empire waist (and that’s “ahm-PEER”, btw, not “EHM-pyre”, kiddos.) The CBT loves that it looks lux while not looking overdone, and could easily pair with a matching skirt or with warm-ups for a more casual look.