Ballet Class with Juliette


My focus teaching ballet is to evolve dancers into proper use of the muscles for turnout and initiating movement in the most effective and safe way possible, including correct core use and training turnout properly. This ensures fewer injuries to the dancers and thus a longer career. Layered on that is the focus of creating long, clean, correct lines with minimum affectation to create a more versatile and adaptable dancer. Finally, musicality and artistry are embedded into all exercises throughout class.

I am also well-versed in teaching ballet for commercial dancers. A focus on proper movement initiation and clean lines is vital, but when possible, particularly through the perspective of how it may be relevant to contemporary technique.

In all classes, I run a well-rounded barre including a thorough stretch. Center will include at least one tendu/degage exercise, one adage, and possibly one pirouette. Travelling exercises will be one pirouette and one traveling tours enchainement. Jumps will include a warm-up, one petit allegro, one medium allegro if time permits, and one grand allegro. Reverance depends on time as well.


I teach private lessons throughout the year, however my time is very limited. Private class time can be tailored to specific goals such as:

  • pirouettes and pique tours (turns)
  • petit and grand allegro (small and large jumps)
  • turnout and flexibility
  • audition preparation
  • variations rehearsal
  • creation of original choreography for the dancer
  • video audition recording
  • on-site pointe shoe fittings as a Certified Fitter
  • pointe shoe preparation

I am happy to help the dancer determine how time is best spent or work on general improvement in areas of weakness that I determine. Private instruction is $100 per hour of instruction.


For guest classes, seminars, audition judging, or workshops, the fee for for-profit studios is $70 per hour. I am happy to work with an accompanist, or I can supply my own music on iPhone with proper audio setup provided by the company.

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