Ask BalletScoop: Visiting a U.S. Summer Program

Bolshoi SI students

Bolshoi US Summer Program students / Photo courtesy of Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Dear BalletScoop,

As we live in Europe, it is very difficult to ascertain the SI programs from others with similar experience – I am relying primarily on google reviews.

As we consider the different programs, apart from the list that you indicated of what one should look for in an SI, for me number one is safety for my young daughter – given that she will be so far away from home.

Is it possible to give a general advice on the schools we are considering?

  • Miami City
  • Bolshoi CT
  • SAB-NY

At all schools, safety is certainly a priority. The schools you are considering, particularly the last three, have an enormous amount of experience hosting students from other countries and an excellent track record of doing so safely.

My best advice to you is to arrange a call with each school and have a conversation with someone who is ultimately responsible for the care of the students and can speak with authority on their precautions and safety. I also advise creating an account and logging into Ballet Talk ( for more clear reviews on these schools. Best of luck!



6 thoughts on “Ask BalletScoop: Visiting a U.S. Summer Program

  1. Veronica Christensen says:

    My then 10 years old daughter attended Bolshoi Summer Intendive in CT last summer (2016) It was her first time away from home. She was a bit homesick at first but she loved it. It is a very save place specially for the little ones since they where not allowed to wonder around the school alone or without their counselor. She was there for three weeks. She is going back next summer.

  2. Natalie Troadec says:

    Hello, my daughter is 14 and got is torn between Ballet West and Gelsy Kirkland. Ballet West is very similar to her current year round program. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Juliette Dupre says:

      Hello, Congrats to your daughter. The main question is, What are her areas that she needs to work on most right now? I strongly recommend having a conversation with her teacher to discuss that. If Ballet West is very similar to her current program, what is the intended benefit of going? Networking? Getting into the Ballet West company one day? For GKA, does she have an interest in story ballets and acting for dancers? Has she been told she needs to work on artistry? These are the things to think about. Best of luck!

  3. lcb54321 says:

    I am looking for more information about Valentina Kozlova’s program. If anyone has any experience with her or her school please let me know!

    • Juliette Dupre says:

      Have you looked on Ballet Talk for Dancers in the summer intensives reviews area? You should be able to find some recent news there. Kozlova is a good school so far it seems, but its very new and I got a bit distracted a few years in by trying to get the Kozlova competition event off the ground. Seems that’s going well for a newer competition and the school appears to be back on track, but I don’t know how many successful dancers have been trained their. It’s still a pretty new school.. best to check on Ballet Talk. 🙂

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