Let’s Save Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Edit: There’s limited further information on this situation, for those of you who have asked, however the main location is safe. It is the eastside location that is in peril.

As any dance enthusiast knows, Pacific Northwest Ballet School is one of the finest ballet schools in the United States and home to one of the best ballet companies in the world. Sadly, they are about to lose their Bellevue studio location. Sign this petition to save PNBS from being torn down without getting enough funding in return to rebuild.

If you’ve never seen PNBS, it’s a dancer’s dream, maybe only rivaled in the states by the Boston Ballet facilities. Below is a picture of the main campus from my visit last fall.

This is not just a Seattle ballet school, this is a ballet school that is beloved around the country and respected around the world. Please, take time to tweet, share, and post this call to action so we can all give PNBS a fighting chance to stay alive in the neighborhood they’ve been part of for 30 years.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Save Pacific Northwest Ballet School

    • Juliette Dupre says:

      Thank you! It seems that the transit authority out there is building a line that will run straight through the property. It sounds like there is little chance to save the building itself, so PNBS is just looking for a fair payout to rebuild somewhere in the neighborhood. At this point apparently they are being severely low-balled on the compensation for this imposed buy-out.

  1. Joe Friend says:

    FWIW, this isn’t entirely accurate. The building that they will lose is their Eastside/Bellevue satellite, not the main school location in Seattle shown in the picture above.

  2. Anne Harrison (@SallyRoundMoon) says:

    I took a lot of open classes there, it’s an amazing facility. Back then they seemed to be making it there main facility for everyone but company and the highest levels. Lots of things were only offered in Bellevue, such as summer school for a variety of ages and levels, pilates, modern dance etc.

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