Ballet Gifts You’ve Been Waiting For!

BP.GlassMagnetsTired of the poor designs and cheap feel of the usual “ballet gifts”? Thank you B Plus Printworks for filling the void in adorable and well-designed ballet items we’ve wanted to see for so long. B Plus has an amazing array of beautifully designed gifts for dancers or dance enthusiast with a lovely look and feel.

Among the art in the collections used on items is the highly sought and limitedly available Ballet Papier, which has been impossible to get in the US before. Congrats to both on the new partnership. I was so happy to see these designs available, which have been super popular overseas in Asia and Europe. B Plus, keep it coming. Now we all have even more to look forward to this holiday season!

13 thoughts on “Ballet Gifts You’ve Been Waiting For!

  1. Wendolyn Iritani says:

    Dear Ballet Scoop, When will the summer intensives 2015-2016 list come out? Many thanks!

    Wendy Iritani


    • Juliette Dupre says:

      Hello! I’m thinking about end of October or early November. It’s a balancing act – if i try to compile the data too soon, there will be too many schools who have not solidified their plans and I’ll just have to re-do a ton of it. If I wait too long, obviously there are auditions that start in November so I want to avoid being too late for students to find those in time.

    • Juliette Dupre says:

      Hello and welcome to the balletscoop! ABT JKO is a high-quality school, but they have a variety of locations that allow them to be more flexible in letting in talented dancers who may not yet be at the level required for NYC standards. Unfortunately statistics are rarely available for how many students try out for each SI in the US and how many are accepted.

      • Sus says:

        thank you so so much for getting back to me. Do you know any iformation on how hard it is to get into the JKO year round program not the summer intensive?

        • Juliette Dupre says:

          The problem remains that again there are no statistics on these things. You can see from the JKO videos the kind of talent they are looking for. Your question is so relative, it’s impossible to give a refined answer, but keep in mind that JKO is one of the best schools in the country. So the standards are comparably very high as you might expect. 🙂

          • Sus says:

            yes, thank you so much for your help. In your opinion what are the top four ballet full time year round schools in NYC

            • Juliette Dupre says:

              I will tell you what I think, but this is JUST MY opinion. And opinions are worth what you pay for them, nothing! Additionally I just can’t limit it to just four. That said, my personal opinion is that, based on a variety of factors, for the typical exceptional and professionally-minded ballet student, the top US year-round schools to be considering – in no particular order – are:

              SAB, JKO, Harid Conservatory, PNB, SFB, French Academie, Ellison, Rock, Boston, and Houston.

              Those of you who disagree or think I’ve left one out – feel free to comment!

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