2015 Dance Summer Intensives!

Update 3/17/15: Added two programs from Charlottesville Ballet Academy – audition is very soon!

Update 2/7/15: Added Ruth Page Center for the Arts. Ballet Royale Minnesota changed dates.

Update 1/18/15: I have added Ballet Royale Minnesota.

Update 1/13/15: Correction to Ellison Ballet dates as well as a few new courses added (though some sites are still out of date like Anaheim and City Ballet School in San Diego). Check it out!

Update 1/6/15: I overlooked two intensives, now added: Oklahoma City and Indianapolis. Sorry guys, you’re on there now. Also, I was too lazy and didn’t verify the hyperlinks before, but now they should all be working!

Dancers, thank you for your patience and encouragement on this year’s list. I’ve received many messages asking for me to post it this year, and it meant so much to me that’s it’s become something you all look forward to. I considered not posting, only because there have been a few other websites that have begun providing the same data in more manageable formats. However since I remain the only free of charge solution, and because providing free access to this information is the reason I started BalletScoop, I re-committed myself to making it happen once more this year.

The reason for delay is due to some exciting personal news. I am very happy to be moving to New York City at the end of this month for family reasons as well as professional ones. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be moving to a city where dance and ballet of the highest quality are simply everywhere. It is a pleasure I never enjoyed as a young dancer in a small town. So I’ve been pretty busy packing and spending as much of my time as possible with local friends and family before I leave.

So that’s the news, now let’s get down to business. I have to admit I was very rushed making this happen despite it’s lateness so a few notes:

1. Everything is updated as of this blog post publication date and time, but schools can change dates and requirements at any moment, so please verify the details for any programs of interest by clicking the web url.

2. About half of the intensives have tweaked their age requirements since last year, so be prepared to forget everything you thought you knew about who takes what age ranges.

3. Lots of programs have either shut down or STILL haven’t updated for 2015, so I made the decision to cut those programs entirely this year, except for those who have such longevity that I can be 95% sure they are just running behind.

4. In addition to the usual Excel spreadsheet, I have made a Google Doc spreadsheet as well since that is easier to use for some of you. In the future I hope to eventually create a very user-friendly database, but I simply don’t have that technical capability right now.

I’ll add updates as they are available directly to the sheet with occasional notes here at the top of this post. As always, let me know if I have any mistakes that need correcting or if I miss any important updates so we can all help to have the most accurate information. Merde to all of you this audition season!! Click below and have a great summer!

2015 Summer Intensives (Microsoft Excel version)

2015 Summer Intensives (Google Doc version)

7 thoughts on “2015 Dance Summer Intensives!

    • Juliette Dupre says:

      Hey Jodi, sorry for the wait. I moved to NYC this week so it’s been a busy time. Unfortunately I don’t know much at all about this program. I also see that I don’t have it on my list, so I’ll add it today. From what is publicly available on the website, it seems that the program is certainly striving for quality and has some lovely students. Personally I would want to find out more about their continuity of philosophy before enrolling a younger dancer, since the International cultural exchange aspect, while laudable, could result in the kinds of inconsistency of approach that can be problematic for younger dancers. I find that exploration of different approaches is more valuable for very advanced dancers and that for younger ones it is the responsibility of the teacher to have the knowledge of a variety of approaches to customize what looks best on and works best for each individual student. Providing to many various approaches to a younger dancer for them to choose from can be eye-opening, but usually is just confusing for them and results in misunderstandings about how to approach their own technique. I do like the Muscle Awareness class in theory. Not all teachers agree, but I find that for most students it is valuable to begin understanding their anatomy in a dance context. Sorry I don’t have more to offer, and it seems that neither does Invizione (Ballet Talk for Dancers). I do strongly suggest that you sign in or create an account there and ask to start a new thread for that program if I am correct that there isn’t one yet. You might get some more valuable firsthand information.

  1. goldfarb mark says:

    WARNING!!!! CPYB wants your child to get hurt before the program even begins. Our daughter in unable to attend to do a foot surgery that MUST be done on June 15th. The surgeon wrote a letter explain the nature of the injury and the need for surgery. Her ballet director at Walnut Hill School for the arts wrote a letter explaining the horrible nature of her situation and still CPYB is insisting on keeping the $1400 tuition even though they have already filled the spot. They are CROOKS and are trying to steal $1400.00 from our family!!!

  2. Jayda says:

    For next year, there’s both an intermediate and advanced summer intensive program at BYU in utah

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