Ballet Audition Results

Congratulations to Prisca on her promotion to the Royal Ballet Upper School at Covent Garden! Cyberhugs!



Five days have passed since I was accepted into The Royal Ballet School at Covent Garden, but the excitement is still fizzing. Gaining a place at our Upper School has been my ambition since starting at White Lodge five years ago and this achievement is a huge reward for those years of hard work. Throughout the day, I find myself smiling whenever I think about the year to come and all the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. I am so grateful for the people who have seen my potential and have given me the chance to continue training at The Royal Ballet School. It really is a dream come true.

The audition finals took place last Sunday at Covent Garden; 14 Year 11 Girls from White Lodge plus 22 others, from Britain and abroad. We were competing for a coveted place in front of a judicial panel made up of six dance teachers from the Upper School, plus our Director, Assistant Director and the…

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