Love Your Dance Teacher? Nominate Her! (Or Him!)

Dance Teacher Magazine is seeking student submissions for their 2011 Dance Teacher Awards. Exceptional teachers may be honored by a Dance Teacher Award at the 2011 Dance Teacher Summit! Click here for submission requirements and nomination categories.

Show your favorite dance teacher how much he or she means to you with a nomination for a Dance Teacher Award!

Update: Dance Studio Life and Dance Life TV are also sponsoring a teacher award program, the Dance Life Teacher Conference Scholarship Program. The DLTC program is held in three rounds of essay, video and finally an editors’ vote. Your teacher could win a scholarship to attend the Dance Studio Life Conference and formal recognition by DSL. Nominate your favorite dance teacher today!

Teacher Summer Intensives & Workshops

Student dancers, this post is not for you, but I will be completing my tips on DVD auditioning very soon!

I was recently asked if I know of any good teacher workshops. I compiled a list this past summer for my own use, and I am happy to share that, though I can’t guarantee that it’s exhaustive.

Some of these require auditions, some require a paper application process and others will accept anyone who registers and pays. Gelsey Kirkland’s school and Royal Winnepeg are linked to year-round programs. ABT and perhaps one or two others offer a certification after completion of their program. I went ahead and left my old notes on estimated costs on this list, though I don’t know if they are still accurate. The last three I have heard of by word of mouth, but could not find information on them at the time.

I am personally most interested in John White’s (author of the great teachers’ books “Teaching Classical Ballet” and “Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet”) program, and Ruth Petrinovic’s (teacher of master teacher David Howard) program. Ruth was trained to teach by JoAnna Kneeland, who is famous for popularizing the therapeutic barre. (JoAnna, Ruth and David are all Harkness people, I believe.) John recently completed a few years of running his elementary to intermediate program and is now running his intermediate to advanced program. I am told that the program really does build, so that you need to take the former before the latter. I’m not sure how long it will be before he goes back to running lower level program.

In addition to my list here, Dance Teacher magazine keeps a long list of schools that supposedly run teacher programs, but somehow a lot of them don’t really seem to do so. I think many schools consider teachers eligible to attend their student SI, but that doesn’t qualify at all as continuing education if you ask me. So here’s my list of programs:

Gelsey Kirkland Academy Teacher Training

Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Teacher Program (course/room/board $1450)…narProgram.aspx

Ballet Magnificat Teacher’s Workshop (course/room/board $943)

Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet with John White (course/room/board $925)

American Ballet Theater Teacher Certification Programs
Primary-Level 3 Training (course only $1650)
Level 4-5 (course only $1350)
Level 6-Partnering (course only $1325)

Tampa Ballet Center Ruth – Petrinovic’s Teacher Training (course only $900)

CPYB Teacher Workshop (course only $675)

Dance Teacher Summit (course only $550)

Dance Masters of America (course/room/board $850)

Dance Educators of America
Level 1 (course only $1000)
Level 2 (course only $1000)
Level 3 (course only $1000)

National Dance Education Organization…module_id=66988

Vaganova Summer School with Mansur Kalametnidov

Pacific Northwest Ballet Teacher Seminar (no info found)

Vail International Dance Festival Ballet Teacher’s Seminar (no info found)

National Ballet of Canada (no info found)

So that’s it. Hope this helps! If you know of any others, just put them in the comments, and I’ll add them to this list.